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Ciències naturalsInternational Year of Astronomy 2009

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International Year of Astronomy 2009

International Year of Astronomy AIA-IYA2009 will represent a global celebration of Astronomy and his contribution to the society, to the culture and to the development of the humanity.

His main objective is motivate the citizens of the whole world to think about their place in the universe across a way of discoveries that began 400 years ago.

The activities distributed by the whole terrestrial globe will try to stimulate the interest for the astronomy and the science in general; its influence in our daily lives, how the scientific knowledge can contribute to a free and equality world.

  • Programa Promocions
  • Idioma Català
  • Producció UB / CSIC
  • Any de producció 2009
  • Durada: 1min.
  • Àmbit Ciències naturals
  • Àrea Ciències de la naturalesa
  • Nivell Educació Secundària Obligatòria
  • Web Programa

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